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New 2014 Honda PCX Vietnam

Remove Sality Virus with Sality Remover

 there is any software that can eradicate and cure of viral infection w32.sality without having to remove the files that get the virus

please download w32.sality removing tools from Kapersky in the following link

Online Learning with Free Online Video in Khan Academy

With the internet a lot of things that had been done with face to face to be done via online. One that can be done via online is to learn. There are also many sites that offer online learning system, or even open an online school. One site for online learning for school students is

Tips Securing Folders without using Software

Want to files owned more secure without wrecked by a brother, sister, friend, or colleague? Well, I've got tips on how to protect our files to be untouched by the hands of ignorant just use the code without supporting software. Here are the steps, let's try guys

1. Open notepad

2. Write the code below on the notepad that opened

Source code

How to speed up video buffering without software

Here's how to speed up video buffering without the software are:

Person of the Year 2010

Click: Person of the Year 2010Mark Zuckerberg has been named Person of the Year 2010 by Time. Mark is considered to have revolutionized the way the world communicates through Facebook. Ifthe previous era, Internet users are in the condition of anonymity, with up now they arebeing themselves. System of friends on Facebook allows us to obtain information on the Internet better.

Julian Assange, Wikileaks front man, was second. In my opinion, should be in placeAsange Zuckerberg because its activities are changing the map of countries in theworld of diplomacy. Survey of readers of Time put Assange in the first position andZuckerberg at position 11. Facebook does not totally original idea, Friendster is one of the first social networking. Apart from this debate, both are significantly changingcommunications world. Assange change the communication between countries, whileZuckerberg changed the way communication at the individual level.

Two best tutorials, recommended for this week

click : Tron Legacy Tutorial
This tutorial
 shows remake Tron movie poster. In this tutorial used Cinema 4D to create3-dimensional text.

Click : Realistic Designing Interfaces

Two-part tutorial is very detail shows how making music player interface design. The explanation is very detailed down to the tips and concepts.

MotoGP video 2010

Maybe you are not watch the live motoGP?? there are some videos that you can download it :
Moto GP 2010 france hdtv


MotoGP 2010 Spain (Jerez)

Mugello(Italy) HD-TV

Britain (Silverstone) HD-version

Assen 2010

Catalunya 2010


MotoGP 2010 Czech Republic pdtv xvid

Sepang - Malaysia - Race - BBC.HD-TV-X264

Pass :

source/credit :

Basic tutorials vb (visual basic)

Possible for Visual Basic Tutorial This time I Will Not Be Discussed Much Too Long Since I Convinced You All Already Know About the Definition of Visual Basic Itself Ebooknya Here I Will Give To Live It's All Over Able To Understand More About the Meaning In vb.
Let Direct Only and do not linger at the same time let us see below: Direct Only Click On This tutorial vb This list of sites and related sites vb

How to create a blog for beginners

This is a collection of tutorials wordpress and blogger / blogspot that I took from 3 favorite blogs are competent and good to learn to manage and enhance your blog. I intentionally collect some post titles from the source to ease my search for tutorials that title I needed.

 I'm tired of blogging guidelines that every need, be searching on google, click click here and there, loading errors, writing keywords, etc.. So, I store the collection title here ... Of course, not all of the title of the blog in question I took,. If you need a full tutorial, visit: 

So far, the new collection of tutorials from 3 blogs that I collection. I have future plans to collect tutorials from 10 blogs, or 20 blogs seem a good idea